ME219 - Fluid Mechanics

ME219 - Fluid Mechanics


Abhilash J. Chandy




Autumn 2019-20

Course Difficulty

Easy to moderate

Time Commitment Required

About 3 hours/week (apart from classes)

Grading Policy and Statistics

Grading Policy: Absolute but alterable (depending on difficulty)
Statistics: Decent. A bit towards the lenient side

Attendance Policy

No mandatory attendance but attendance was noted for records (or grade consideration for students missing a grade very close to cutoff)


No prerequisites

Evaluation Scheme

Quizzes - 25% (weekly quizzes, best of (n-1))
Midsem exam - 30%
Endsem exam - 45%

Topics Covered in the Course

Basic definitions, hydrostatics, fluid kinematics, integral & differential approach to solve fluid equations, dimensional analysis, Internal flows, external flows, compressible flows

Teaching Style

Teaching aligns with the slides but blackboard problem /equation solving and classroom discussions are important. Teaching is slightly mathematical based and lesser concept based with just the right pace. Lectures are exhaustive and everything is explained well.

Feedback on Exams

Quizzes are short and mostly easy
Midsem is easy and based on basic understanding
Endsem was moderate on difficulty. All topics were covered.

References Used

  1. Fundamentals of fluid mechanics, Munson, Young et al.
  2. Fluid mechanics, F. M. White

Other Remarks

Understanding the concepts is the key to scoring well in this course. Frequent evaluations will automatically maintain regularity.

ME 219 Review By: Prasann Jaiswal