ME209 - Thermodynamics

ME209 - Thermodynamics


Shivasubraniam Gopalakrishnan




Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Course was not very difficult. It is easy to follow if you have a good grip on thermodynamics from JEE.

Time Commitment Required

Low-Medium. Staying regular with lectures helps

Grading Policy and Statistics

Normal. Around 10% AAs, 15% ABs so on

Attendance Policy



JEE thermodynamics

Evaluation Scheme

10% HWs
25% quiz1/midsem
25% quiz 2
40% endsem

Topics Covered in the Course

• Basic concepts and definitions the work interaction
• The first law, energy and the heat interaction
• The zeroth law, temperature and scales of temperature
• Properties of gases and liquids, equations of state
• The second law, thermodynamic temperature scales and entropy
• Relations between properties
• Open thermodynamic systems

Teaching Style

Youtube links to lectures were given and doubt sessions were conducted once a week during class hours.


Assignments were medium level. Few were given but took time to solve.

Feedback on Exams

All exams were alike. 40% easy, 40% medium, maybe 1 hard question and 1 question which would require reasoning and out of the box thinking.

References Used

CDEEP lectures by Prof. Gaitonde
Lectures by Prof. Gaitonde
The videos are unlisted on youtube, so you can watch them from CDEEP

ME 209 Review By: A.Vikram