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Dual Degree Specialization Session (2021)

The session was taken by Aniruddha Ranade​ (CADA), Prathik Reddy (CADA), Shantanu Thada​ (TFE), Athul Nambolan​ (CIM), Naman Agarwal​ (CIM)​. The seniors talked about the factors they considered while opting...

CE102 - Engineering Mechanics

Instructor Prof. Mandar M. Inamdar

The Branch Change Dilemma

Why Mech? Is Mech the right fit for you?

Where are they now?

Anish Ram Senathi 2019, RnD Engineer, Robotics and AI, Daikin Industries Ltd. He graduated last year and was interested in robotics and ML during his stay in IIT B. Some...

Intern Fundae - Core

The speakers for the session were: Aayush Agrawal - University of Toronto (MITACS) Pruthak Joshi - Lear Corporation Raj Lakhani - Lear Corporation Ujjwal Agarwal - Daikin Industries Ltd.

Dual Degree Conversion Session (2020)

The session was taken by Shantanu Thada (TFE), Aniruddha Ranade (CADA), and Anant Joshi (IDDDP in SysCon). The seniors talked about the points they considered while opting for DD conversion....