ME219 - Fluid Mechanics

ME219 - Fluid Mechanics


Atul Sharma




Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Course content was moderate in difficult but professor’s teaching made it more confusing and difficult to cope up with the pace of the course.

Time Commitment Required

Pre-recorded video lectures were provided which consumed approx. 2-3 hours per week. One discussion session(approx. 1 hr) was conducted for students to ask their doubts but was not compulsory.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Weightages were given to assignments(10%), midsem(20%) and endsem(70%)

Attendance Policy

No attendance policy in online semester.


Nothing as such is required as a pre-req.

Topics Covered in the Course

Fluid statics, fluid dynamics-Navier-Stokes equation, flow in a pipe, flow over plate, losses

Teaching Style

Used very poor slides and the teaching style was also not up to the mark. It made people lose interest in fluid mechanics.

Feedback on Exams

Midsem- moderately heavy
Endsem- difficult and time consuming

ME 219 Review By: Priyam Vijayvargia