HS307 - Sociology

HS307 - Sociology


Suryakant Waghmore


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Course was easy if you follow the lectures and read all the papers and books provided by prof. Midsem and endsem assignments was pretty lengthy (~5000 words).

Time Commitment Required

Assignments took most of the time

Grading Policy and Statistics

very good.

Attendance Policy

there was no policy for attendance, but class learning is good in this course.


No prerequisites. If you read a lot it will be easy for you.

Evaluation Scheme

20% Assignments
30% Midsem
50% Endsem

All evaluation were essays or reviews of documentary

Topics Covered in the Course

Sociological imagination and Sociological Consciousness, Feminist Perspective, Indian Sociology, discussion on social issues and some social movements. Study of Karl Marx & Max Weber.


there only essay type evaluations. There can be some other methods of evaluations also, may be something in class.

Motivation for taking this course

This was required

HS 307 Review By: Sunil Chandel