HS307 - Sociology

HS307 - Sociology


Prof. Ahona Roy


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

It’s a fairly simple course. You just need to know how to write somewhat well.

Time Commitment Required

A couple of hours for each assignment, So a total of about 10hrs throughout the course

Grading Policy and Statistics

Grading was absolute, which was later improved a bit. Statistics also improved, and can be considered fairly good.

Attendance Policy

Attendance was expected, but no specific policy. This was in spite of the institute announcement that no attendance policies should be in effect.
Anyway, at the end, attendance made no difference.



Evaluation Scheme

Midsem assignment-50%
Endsem assignment-50%

Topics Covered in the Course

Sociological constructs such as Religion, Capitalism, Marxism are discussed. The work of several prominent sociologists is discussed in some depth.

Teaching Style

The professor is not the most reasonable, but teaching is alright.


Grading on assignments is fairly arbitrary, and there’s no real feedback, so take this course at your own risk.
Plagiarism checkers are run on assignments, so just be aware.

Motivation for taking this course

IT was more of elimination for me. Psychology was fairly theoretical, and I had previously done a course on Literature, so they were out. Sociology was also supposed to be the least rigorous of the 4 options. Between Philosophy and Sociology, it was not much of a decision. I just ended up taking Socio because I had more friends taking it.

HS 307 Review By: Chaitanya Johari