HS402 - Game Theory and Economic Analysis

HS402 - Game Theory and Economic Analysis


Saptarshi Ghosh


Autumn 2020

Course Difficulty

The course is easy to follow and understand IF you attend the classes, because instructor doesn’t give slides that can be useful for exam purposes. So either you would have to binge the recordings or try to read the books, which is problematic.
The exams were very scoring

Time Commitment Required

Attend classes and study before Exams, very chill

Grading Policy and Statistics

You needed to score well to have a good grade, given the exams were not very complicated. Endsem and midsem only

Attendance Policy



None, basic maths

Evaluation Scheme

Endsem and midsem (70-30 approx)

Topics Covered in the Course

Can see course description

Teaching Style

Live classes and whiteboard annotations



Motivation for taking this course

Wanted to tag as IE and the content is very interesting, unfortunately didn’t give enough time to the course to end up achieving this

How strongly would I recommend this course?

Would recommend if you can attend classes

When to take this course?

Third/Fourth year

The slides used by other colleges are useful, if you can find the same topic

HS 402 Review By: Tanul gupta