ENT205 - Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs

ENT205 - Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs


Milind D Atrey, R R Hirwani


Spring 2020-21

Course Difficulty


Time Commitment Required

1.5-2 hours/week (apart from classes)

Grading Policy and Statistics

Absolute grading based on the highest score
Statistics are moderately lenient (lesser AAs though)

Attendance Policy

Compulsory attendance (10% weightage), relaxed in online sem


No prerequisites

Evaluation Scheme

Patent Search Assignment 20%
Case study group assignment 20%
MCQ quiz 20%
Endsem exam 40%

Topics Covered in the Course

Introduction to IP, Patent Fundamentals, Copyrights, Designs, Trade Marks, Service Dress, Branding, Trade Secrets and other forms of IP, Industry specific IP issues, IP Management, IP Issues in Agreements

Feedback on Exams

Moderate exams. Not too easy. Practical application based and case study questions along with definition based questions.

Motivation for taking this course

Passion for entrepreneurship and learning about its legal aspects

How strongly would I recommend this course?

For those interested in research or entrepreneurship: 8/10. Prof Atrey is Dean R&D and takes this course which is again a big plus

When to take this course?

6th semester. Ideally it can be taken in the 4th semester as well. I opted for it then but since it is a 2nd half semester course, it had to be cancelled then due to the pandemic

ENT 205 Review By: Prasann Jaiswal