ENT204 - Basic Proof of Concept

ENT204 - Basic Proof of Concept


Kums P Kumaresan


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Super easy.

Time Commitment Required

Very less load. Hardly 1 hour per week was required. Attending the 1.5 hour lecture every week and interact was enough to get a good grade .

Grading Policy and Statistics

  1. Those who didn’t submit any assignments and attended zero classes got FF.
  2. Those who had attendance below 50% and submitted less number of assignments got BC or BB , depending on the quality of work.
  3. Those who had above 50% attendance and submitted all assignments got AB, AA. Quality of work, involvement in class was considered.
  4. Those who had above 90% attendance, decent quality designs got AA.
  5. CC would be the least grade. He hoped nobody falls in that category.
    Grading Stats:
    AA 51
    AB 35
    BB 21
    BC 7
    FF 5
    Total 119

Attendance Policy

No attendance but brownie points for attending the class. Anyways there was only 1 lecture of 1.5 hours every week.


No pre-requisites. No prior knowledge required.

Evaluation Scheme

No midsem and endsem. Evaluation was just based on the assignments and the final presentation.

Topics Covered in the Course

The course is designed to enable students in converting their ideas with commercial potential into a tangible product/service.
Understanding the new product development process, Learning to integrate the needs of the end-consumer into the process.
Acquiring the skill to apply the standard concepts and tools of the process.
Developing the new product in a typical laboratory environment and generating an effective go-to market strategy.

Teaching Style

Professor showed real life examples and he himself did some practical work for the students. Live lectures were taken on MS Teams and info was conveyed by the professor on WhatsApp and MS Teams. He was very interactive on WhatsApp as well and really enjoyed talking to students.


Only assignments were there and a final presentation containing all the assignments was submitted. Some assignments were very interesting, some were not that great.

Feedback on Exams


Motivation for taking this course

Non theory course. Completely practical work course, so someone who does not want to do theory can definitely take this course. And one of the coolest professors of the institute, who gives his best so that the students can enjoy his course. Apart from this very chill grading stats.

How strongly would I recommend this course?

If you really want to do something different from studying and want a good grade, then with some effort you can definitely achieve it.

When to take this course?

I took this course in the 5th semester. You can take this course in any semester as it won’t affect any other course that you have taken in that semester.

ENT 204 Review By: Hitansh Chandra