ENT208 - Technology Venture Creation

ENT208 - Technology Venture Creation


Prof Rajen Jaswa


Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty

The course wasn’t difficult. It mainly was thinking about an idea, discussing about it and presenting it.

Time Commitment Required

Although the classes were optional, some events and talks were super fun to attend. Do attend if an external speaker is invited.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Not as chill as other ent courses. So if you’re looking for a free grade, please find another ent course.

Attendance Policy



None. If you have a group of 3-4 with you, it becomes easier than to make a random group.

Evaluation Scheme

Presenting your start-up project’s progress. Lite only.

Topics Covered in the Course

TVC is like a crash course of the whole ent minor. It’s the capstone course of ent. Also, there’s trip to a rural setting involved here, sponsored by DSSE itself. Spring ‘20, they took us to a village in Ahmedabad to interact with the community and understand their problems. This was to enable us to come up with ideas solving tech related issues, specifically for villages.

ENT 208 Review By: Shardul Burde