MG403 - Accounting and Finance

MG403 - Accounting and Finance


Varad Bapat and Rohan Chinchwadkar


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty


Time Commitment Required

Not much special time required if you give attention in class

Grading Policy and Statistics

Not Very Good Actually. Very Few AA and ABs given. BB was Average.

Attendance Policy

No Attendance policy but there were surprise quizzes for the Accounting Part



Evaluation Scheme

Accounting - Surprise Quizzes, Project, Final Exam

Finance - Announced Quizzes, an Assignment, Final Exam, Participation

Topics Covered in the Course

Accounting - Fundamental of Accounting, Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement) Statement and their Interpretation and Analysis, Corporate Governance, Evolution of Accounting

Finance - Intro to Corporate Finance, The Objective in Decision Making, Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions, Investment Decision (Risk and Return Models, Estimating Hurdle Rates), Measuring Investment Returns, Optimal Capital Structure, Dividend Decision

Teaching Style

Both of the profs taught very good and held online classes. In the Accounting part the prof tried to solve a lot problems in class as Accounting requires some practice.


An Individual Project for Finance part on the Application of Corporate Finance Concepts
Assignment in Accounting - Choose a company of your choice and fill in an excel sheet

Motivation for taking this course

Interest in Finance and completion of Minor

Course Importance

Important to have basic accounting and finance knowledge in general in life

When to take this course?

Can be taken in any odd sem

MG 403 Review By: Kalpesh Rathi