ME761 - Advanced Stereology and Microstructural Analysis

ME761 - Advanced Stereology and Microstructural Analysis


Asim Tewari


Spring’ 21

Course Difficulty

The derivations and equations are a bit involved but can be understood by being attentive in class. The course requires problem solving skills with a logical application of concepts which are not too many. The questions asked in the exam are fairly difficult.

Time Commitment Required

2 hours of weekly self study will sufice

Grading Policy and Statistics

The grading was lenient with most of the students getting AAs and ABs. The marks were never revealed and no cribs happened for us.

Attendance Policy

5 marks for attendance



Evaluation Scheme

Coding Assignments, class attendance, Midsem and Endsem

Topics Covered in the Course

Teaches methods to make estimation of parameters like volume fraction, area fractions, etc. The course provides insights into sampling and getting values from the sample data, be it in the form of image, or line probes and to efficiently use them. The course includes use of various types of distributions, 3D vectors and sampling methods to arrive at efficient formulae to derive a quantity with the given data.


Coding assignments were fairly easy

Feedback on Exams

Exams were quite tricky and difficult to answer without a thorough understanding of the course content

Motivation for taking this course

To explore the quantitative side of materials science

Review By: Gourav Chopra