ME754 - Textile Machines Design and Automation

ME754 - Textile Machines Design and Automation


Anirban Guha


Spring’ 21

Course Difficulty

The course is based on Adams and concepts of KDoM. The course is very chill and the skill set required to perform well in this course can be easily developed.

Time Commitment Required

10 hours for each assignment, and total of 3 assignments

Grading Policy and Statistics

3 assignments and a very lenient grading

Attendance Policy



Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines (ME 316)

Topics Covered in the Course

The course teaches details of textiles machines but they were not required for the assignments (may vary). KDoM concepts and Adams skills are developed.


Extremely chill assignments

Feedback on Exams


Motivation for taking this course

Chill department elective within the CADA specialisation

Review By: Gourav Chopra