ME714 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing

ME714 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Soham Mujumdar



Course Difficulty

The course was very diverse in terms of the topics that were covered but in terms of difficulty it was between easy to moderate

Time Commitment Required

3 hours of classes + 1 hour of self study/week
The course was moderately easy and hence did not demand too much time.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Relative Grading. Lenient
AA 5
AB 26
BB 18
BC 12
CC 5
CD 3
DD 1
FF 2
FR 2

Attendance Policy

No Attendance policy as it was run online


No hard prerequisites but recommended to have basic MATLAB, Python/C/C++ knowledge for assignments

Evaluation Scheme

Short Quizzes (15-20 marks each, weekly): 20%
Midsem+ Endsem: 45%
Team Project: 10%
Homeworks (biweekly): 25

Topics Covered in the Course

The course starts with basics in Design, i.e, Geometric modeling and CAD. Then deals with Process Planning, Production Systems and Assembly. Then and interesting shift of geras into some robotics and automation and finally Quality Control. Then implementation of CIM and since the class was very enthusiastic sir also delved into smart manufacturing, IoT, etc.

Teaching Style

Since it was online semester, sir used to teach us via slides and he used a stylus to simulate the blackboard part of an offline class. Instructor was very open to any doubts whatsoever and kept the class engaged by continuously asking questions and making us solve small problems during class hours.


Homeworks were pretty long and intellectually simulating with almost two weeks time to complete and sometimes they were in teams of 2. The time was sufficient to complete them and learning outcome was huge.
Project Topic was pretty open ended, topic was chosen by students themselves. There was a presentation, QnA from peers and sir and grading of this was mostly peer-rated followed by a report submission.

Feedback on Exams

Short Quizzes were pretty basic and based on the previous week’s lectures itself.
Midsem+Endsem: Subjective exam on SAFE with very innovative but simple questions

Motivation for taking this course

I was interested in Design and CAD. Manufacturing as a course was just being introduced to us and I really liked it. This course combines basics of manufacturing processes and talks about the systems side of it to reduce time, increase productivity etc. which interested me. Also it includes some basic coding for some homeworks which added to the benefits of taking it

How strongly would I recommend this course?

Highly recommended

When to take this course?

I took this course in my 4th semester and I think it’s pretty ideal to take it then as multiple courses running in that semester(ME 213, ME 206, MA 214) have some concept overlap with this course.

ME 714 Review By: Manisha Kopuri