ME226 - Mechanical Measurements

ME226 - Mechanical Measurements


Atul Shrivastava




Spring ‘21

Course Difficulty

Easy to Moderate.

Time Commitment Required

Lectures hours and paying attention in tutorials should be enough.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Grading was fine.

Attendance Policy

No DX was given. So, no compulsory attendance was required. But, sir, used to have a class full of discussions, therefore, always advisable to attend the lectures.



Evaluation Scheme

We had 2 quizzes, 5 assignments (1 project based + 4 tutorials), midsem and an endsem.

Topics Covered in the Course

1)Dynamic Characteristics of Measurement Systems
– Revision of statistics
– General structure of a measurement system
– General input – output equation
– Study of a first and second order system subjected to various inputs (step, ramp, impulse, sinusoidal)
– Basic Fourier Series implementation

2)Temperature Measurement: Thermocouples, thermometers, resistance temperature detectors etc.

3)Pressure Measurement: Manometers, pressure gauges, diaphragms, Pitot tubes, etc.

4)Flow Rate Measurement: Differential pressure devices (Orificemeters, Venturimeters, etc.), vortex flow meter, etc.

5)Strain Gauge

6)Data sampling and thin films


The assignments were good. They were more like numerical solving sessions. The TA used to go through the problems and explain the solution properly.

Feedback on Exams

Midsem - It could be from easy to moderate. Questions were not difficult but lengthy. So, some of us faced time crunch.
Endsem - Again, from moderate to easier side. This time the paper was not so lengthy.

Course Importance

Whether it is conducting experiments for R&D, or testing product quality in industry, measurements play a vital role in the life of a mechanical engineer. Also, designing an accurate, consistent measuring device is not as trivial a task as it sounds to be. Thus, this turns out to be a vital as well as an intriguing course.

References Used

1) Doebelin’s Measurement Systems by Ernest Doebelin and Dhanesh Manik
2) Measurement Systems 5th Edition by Ernest Doebelin

ME 226 Review By: Shruti Singh