ME226 - Mechanical Measurements

ME226 - Mechanical Measurements


Amit Agarwal




Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty

The course was not difficult overall. There are both theory and numericals involved in the course but the professor likes to focus on theory more and does not give alot of numericals in the exams.

Time Commitment Required

Low. Since barely any HWs were given, only preparation before the exam was sufficient.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Grading was very lenient due to our requests as the pandemic was at its peak during the endsems. 13 AAs and 14 ABs were given out of out of 60-65 students.

Attendance Policy

He was quite particular with attendance and was upset with the class when attendance was low. He kept surprise quizzes very often during class hours to ensure attendance.


Knowledge of differential equations is required. You should be fine if you have done MA 108. Even otherwise the calculations are not very complex.

Evaluation Scheme

40% each for midsem and endsem
10% surprise quizzes
5% HWs
5% 1 quiz

Topics Covered in the Course

Measurement devices
First order, second order devices
Derivations for time dependent output

Teaching Style

Live lectures during class hours, they were also recorded. Slides are not provided for calculations. They are provided for the theory part of the course. He expects the students to answer well in his class.


Very few tutorial or assignments are given, due to this you might not know what kind of questions will come in the exam.

Feedback on Exams

Midsem and Endsem: Theory was more than 75% of the paper. The questions are quite simple and straight forward. Most of the theory questions will directly be from the slides and notes are not allowed. Even the problems are easy if you know the basic concept well. There might also be one question which will require out of the box or based on a real life condition.

Other Remarks

Attend classes/ atleast watch recordings since slides are not sufficient at all. Prof will ask you to make notes before itself for parts which he will not give slides. making those notes will be really helpful for exams.

ME 226 Review By: A. Vikram