ME201 - Solid Mechanics

ME201 - Solid Mechanics


Krishna Jonnalagada




Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Difficulty can be broken down in 2 parts

  1. Content - Content is easy to follow in the first half but gets trickier in the latter half. For someone not concentrating in class, it is a good idea to pay attention in tutorials and stay in touch with the course flow
  2. Examination - Quizzes are easy, with class averages above 65% (purely an estimate) in most quizzes. Endsemester examinations are extremely challenging, with the maximum score in my year being 26/40

Time Commitment Required

On an average, other courses took less time compared to this. Mostly due to complicated concepts in the latter half

Grading Policy and Statistics

Grading policy: Based on the marks received by the topper. Here’s how it works
If the the topper scores X, then (your marks/X)*100 = Score
If score >= 90, you get AA
If 80<=score<90, you get AB
and so on.
There is also the rule that no student can fail if they score above 35% in a course so keep in mind that for FR, this rule may not apply exactly as is.
Example: Topper get 90, AA cutoff would be 81, AB cutoff would be 72 and so on

Attendance Policy

No attendance policy in normal lecture, tutorial have 10% weightage though



Evaluation Scheme

Best 5 out of 6 quizzes of 10% each,
Best n-1 out of n tutorials such that their total weightage is 10%
End Sems for 40 marks

Topics Covered in the Course

Fundamentals of mechanics of deformable solids. Concepts of stress and strain and their relationships. Fatigue and thermal stresses, creep. Equilibrium equations, strain displacement relation. Combined stresses, Mohr s circle diagram for stress and strain rosettes. Simple beams, bending moments, shear forces and stresses in beams. Torsion,

Teaching Style

Lectures and tutorial. I attended only 2 courses regularly in my third sem, this was one of them. Instructor is engaging


Tutorials are easy to get full in, you can take help from TAs or friends

Feedback on Exams

Quizzes - Moderate to challenging
End semesters - Extremely Challenging, please study before this

Course Highlights

End semesters - maybe you have to be there to understand how difficult it is

Going Forward

List of courses that it can help in:
ME 202 Strength of Materials
ME 423 Machine Design
ME 601 Stress Analysis
ME 602: Fatigue, fracture and failure analysis
ME 616 Fracture Mechanics
ME 734: Vibro Acoustics

ME 201 Review By: Abir Mehta