MA214 - Numerical Analysis

MA214 - Numerical Analysis


Saikat Mazumdar


Spring ‘21

Course Difficulty

Course was easy to understand but as the exams were not open notes, we had to remember many relations which made it tough. It being an online semester, we had no subjective papers, and objective papers were tougher to score in.

Time Commitment Required

An hour or two to go through the weekly tutorials

Grading Policy and Statistics

58-AA, 146-AB, 6-AP, 164-BB, 136-BC and total 642 students

Attendance Policy



None needed

Topics Covered in the Course

Interpolation by polynomials, divided differences, error of the interpolating polynomial, piecewise linear and cubic spline interpolation.
Numerical integration, composite rules, error formulae.
Solution of a system of linear equations, implementation of Gaussian elimination and Gauss-seidel methods, LU factorization Cholesky’s method, ill-conditioning, norms.
Solution of a nonlinear equation, bisection and secant methods.
Newton’s method, rate of convergence, solution of a system of nonlinear equations, numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, Euler and Runge-Kutta methods, multi-step methods,

Teaching Style

Slides were informative and sufficient. Doubts would be cleared in class pretty well.


Tutorials had good difficulty and must be tried once before each tutorial session. No assignments and projects.

Feedback on Exams

All exams had the same objective style with different weightage.
Quizzes were short in terms of number of questions and time limit. Midsem had paper 1 and paper 2, the same with Endsem.

Course Importance

Very important as numerical analysis is needed for any basic implementation and is used in every field.

References Used

e.suli, d.mayers An Introduction to Numerical Analysis
k.e.atkinson An Introduction to Numerical Analysis

MA 214 Review By: Hiya Gada