PS 604 - Technology, Culture and Policy

PS 604 - Technology, Culture and Policy


Prof Anurag Mehra

Motivation to take this course:

I took it because it’s an interesting course that analyzes the role of technology, media and policy in human progress and isn’t very time consuming either.


There’s only 1 section of around 24 students and as far as I know it’s not a core course for any department


Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty:

Moderately Easy

Time commitment required:

3 hours of classes every week. 2-3 hours before every assignment/exam; therefore around 8-12 hrs for the entire sem

Attendance Policy:

No attendance policy

Grading Policy and Statistics:

Average grading



Evaluation Scheme:

Midsem, endsem and two assignments

Course Contents (in brief):

Marxist theories, historical materialism, history of technological change, role of media, changing labour conditions due to technology, consumerism (Although these are the topics broadly taught in class, the Prof gives a small list of topics before an exam and it is sufficient to only study those)

Mechanism of Instruction and Teaching Style:

The teaching style is really engaging and classes are pretty interesting compared to the average IITB lecture. The Prof also tries to encourage discussions at the end of each class. How strongly would you recommend someone for taking this course? I would recommend taking this course if topics like history, politics and media interest you.

Feedback on Exams:

The exams require writing long answers but do not need rote learning.

Review by: Ananga Rana