ME445 - Fuels and Combustion

ME445 - Fuels and Combustion


Arindrajit Chowdhury and Neeraj Kumbhkarna


Yes a similar course is offered parallel to this for the MTechs (ME760)



Course Difficulty

Between Intermediate and Advanced

Time Commitment Required

Self study requires around 4 hours per week since there are readings that are to be done from books


All I remember is that the grading was apt, neither too loose nor too strict (I do not remember and Asc is not accessible )

Attendance Policy

No such policy, but we used to have in class quizzes as well as online flash quizzes over apps so you need to be present for those


Thermodynamics (to an intermediate level)

Topics Covered in the Course

Started with basics of Fuel, Advanced thermodynamics of combustion, ending with modelling of combustion and its different phenomena, and flames

Mechanism of Instruction and Teaching Style

Both the professors had their own teaching styles. Arindrajt sir used the conventional board and chalk while Neeraj sir, his laptop and the iPad. But what I can personally guarantee is, they were able to make the subject lively as well as easy to comprehend and highly interesting.

Assignments and projects in the Course

There were not many tutorials or projects or assignments, however the quizzes were intensive and had questions that were related to practical scenarios and problems.


They were intensive and application oriented. For once the questions I was doing did not seem impractical or hypothetical.

Importance of Course

It is core to your understanding of combustion processes, flames and finally builds a path for you to proceed towards greater understanding of engines and other stuff in that field.

Motivation to take the Course

I was always interested in courses related to engines and combustion. ME445 presented itself as one that had an appropriate balance of theory as well as extreme practical applications related to the field of combustion, fuel and engines.

How strongly would you recommend someone for taking this course?

Strongly recommend students to take this course, as it is one of those courses that will really give you the feel of real mechanical engineering. Also, all those interested in engines, or combustion in general, the course serves as a great base to start off.

When did you take this course? What will be the ideal semester to take this course? Any other course which can be done before this?

I believe I took it only out of my interest for engines. The course as far as I believe can be taken in the 6th semester, that is once you are done with thermodynamics, heat transfer and finally, in the same semester you also have your applied thermodynamics. The three subjects help you a lot, to understand the starting and basics for ME 445. Also, don’t take it later (in 7th sem at least), since you will have your placements which in itself, is a hectic task to accomplish.

Review by: Anumay Ashish