DE403 - Pottery

DE403 - Pottery


Prof Raja Mohanty

Motivation to take this course:

To reduce academic credit load in a rather refreshing way


It is a compulsory course for the IDC freshers


Autumn’ 19

Course Difficulty:


Time commitment required:

3hrs/week. There were 2 slots of 1 hour each in a week that a student had to choose where they had to go and practice with the clay. There was a 1 hour class weekly (day is decided by the professor)

Attendance Policy:

Attendance used to be compulsory for the 1 hour slots but wasn’t strictly followed

Grading Policy and Statistics:

Once upon a time there were plenty of AAs given away in this course but the trend has changed in the recent past. An artsy hand will fetch you the AA and AB, but be rest assured to get a BB if you show enough interest.



Course Contents (in brief):

You learn how to knead clay. Different types of clay. At the end of this course you are expected to make a Kulhad (Tea Cup) as a final submission.

Review by: Adit Daftary