SC639 - Mathematical Structures for Control

SC639 - Mathematical Structures for Control


Ravi Banavar


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Course gets difficult towards the end. Assignments and exams usually have problems where we need to prove some things, that is slightly tricky but very doable after a quick revision. If one pays attention in class, and understands tutorials religiously, it is a smooth sailing course.

Time Commitment Required

Apart from usual class timings, 1 hour a week to solve tutorials on your own before tutorial sessions

Grading Policy and Statistics

Fairly generous. 9-AA, 22-AB, 18-BB

Attendance Policy




Evaluation Scheme

quizzes and exams- 55%, class participation-25%, assignment-20%

Topics Covered in the Course

Vector spaces, Sequence and series, multivariable calculus, Convexity and optimization

Teaching Style

Pre-recorded videos were streamed in class, and doubts were answered there as well. Every week a tutorial session was held.


Good difficulty, MUST attempt tutorials and revise assignments before exams.

Feedback on Exams

Midsem was viva last year, and endsem was a 12 hour long paper, which was very difficulty but was open notes and open internet.

Motivation for taking this course

If you like mathematics and mechanics, this course is the sweet spot between the two. It is quite rigorous just like any other math course. Very understanding professor, who makes this course even more enjoyable.

Course Highlights

Great set of TAs who give really good problem sets, fun to solve.

Course Importance

Extremely important if you are considering a SysCon minor. Gives a very good foundation for Geometric and Optimal controls.

How strongly would I recommend this course?

Very strongly recommend.

When to take this course?

Third semester. It forms a good base for further courses in controls.

Going Forward

This being an introductory course, opens up a whole new world of controls for you.

SC 639 Review By: Hiya Gada