ME735 - Computer Graphics and Product Modeling

ME735 - Computer Graphics and Product Modeling


Prof S. S. Pande


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty


Time Commitment Required

Low time commitment except when working on course project, but still weekly 3 hours are enough

Grading Policy and Statistics

Relative grading. AA 18, AB 19, BB 5, BC 3

Attendance Policy

80% required but not enforced


ME714 would help out a lot in the first half of the course

Evaluation Scheme

35%-Quizzes, 40% Endsem and 25% for Project

Topics Covered in the Course

The course is an introductory course for working on CAD/CAM.
-Computer Graphics system
-Graphics algorithms
-Geometric and Projection Transformations
-Vector valued Parametric and Rational equations
-Modeling of Freeform surfaces
-Fundamentals of 3 D Product Modeling
-Feature based modeling – Design by Features approach,
-Data structures for product modeling
-Product Life Cycle Management

Teaching Style

Instructor thoroughly teaches each topic in lectures and effectively takes up 3 quizzes at regular intervals. Instructor expects that the students practice questions from the book as course content is being taught. There is a project with an emphasis on doing original work to further explore topics taught in the class room. Meetings with TAs are setup to ensure work is being done by students.

Motivation for taking this course

If interested in getting started in CADA, this is a good way to get started.

When to take this course?

8th semester. After 3rd year.

References Used

Computer Graphics and Product Modeling for CAD/CAM by SS Pande

ME 735 Review By: Kanishka Sunick