ME673 - Mathematical Methods for Engineering

ME673 - Mathematical Methods for Engineering


Abhilash Chandy


Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty

The course is fairly easy, as it is essentially a math refresher course for the post grad students.

Time Commitment Required

4-5 hours per week excluding the practice problems and including the lectures would be more than enough

Grading Policy and Statistics

91 - 100: AA
86 - 90: AB
71 - 85: BB
61 - 70: BC
51 - 60: CC
46 - 50: CD
41 - 45: DD
0 - 40: FF

Attendance Policy

There was no attendance policy. However, there were weekly quizzes


As it’s a refresher course, having studied MA10x and MA207 would help a lot.

Evaluation Scheme

Quizzes - 20%
Midsem - 30%
Endsem - 50%

Topics Covered in the Course

Essentially all the applied sections of MA105, MA106, MA108 and MA207

Teaching Style

The course was broken down into 11 modules, and the overall course was very well structured. The professor started any concept right from the basics and the lectures were easy to follow. The slides were handwritten, but the professor wrote pretty much everything he said during the lecture, so that was pretty convenient.


The practice problems really helped with judging the progress we had made and they contained a decent variety and quantity of questions.

Feedback on Exams

Overall, the quizzes and exams were very straightforward and fairly simple. The exams were carried out smoothly, and the set up was pretty simple.

Motivation for taking this course

This course has had fairly good grading schemes and it’s a simple course to follow. It serves as a good refresher for students who might not have grasped the application aspects of the math courses when they were first taught.

Course Highlights

The teaching was really good, and the classes were structured really well

Course Importance

Considering how almost all the content in the course has been covered in the first year itself, it only serves as a good revision for the important concepts

How strongly would I recommend this course?

If someone wants a chill, light course and some revision for the basic math concepts, it’s a great course.

When to take this course?

I took this course in my 4th semester as I wanted to try out a light course, and I had missed my MA108 due to the pandemic.
As it’s a pretty light course in terms of its content, any semester apart from the 3rd semester is great for it. However, ideally one should go for it after completing the 4th semester.

References Used

Erwin Kreyszig. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Wiley, 10th edition, 2010

ME 673 Review By: Suryansh Singh