ME636 - Advanced Joining Technology

ME636 - Advanced Joining Technology


Amitava De


Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty

The course was moderately chill, and easy to follow. Quizzes and exams are balanced, they have easy questions as well as difficult ones, but are doable if one has followed lectures and studied the provided reference material.

Time Commitment Required

Not much, no assignments were given, about 2-3 hours’ worth of reading every week and attending classes is enough.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Very lenient, 75% got AB and above, rest got BB

Attendance Policy

No attendance mandatory due to online semester, although attending the classes helps a lot. Quizzes sometimes focus on doubts and discussions happened in class.


Knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials helps. All that is needed is covered max by third year core courses of the autumn sem.

Evaluation Scheme

Proposed scheme was Quizzes: 30% (4 out of 6), Midsem: 20%, Presentation: 20%, Endsem: 30%. However, there was no presentation and only 3 quizzes were taken. Hence all quizzes were considered along with the mid and end sems. The actual weightage was decided by the professor and wasn’t conveyed.

Topics Covered in the Course

Welding in general, types of welding, focused learning of a few welding operations like Gas metal Arc welding, Tungsten Arc welding, Laser welding etc., analytical modelling of the heat transfer process in the workpiece, microstructures of workpiece after welding, defects and methods to detect defects, modern welding processes and scope.

Teaching Style

Professor uses slides and gives excerpts from books/papers to read and understand more on the topic. Course is very streamlined and teaching style is good. Might get a little bored due to the length of the lecture (1.5 hrs)


No tutorials/assignments

Feedback on Exams

All question papers were similar, included easy and difficult questions. These are mostly reasoning based, and theory oriented. The numerical questions are easy.

Motivation for taking this course

Had taken professor’s ME669 Design for Manufacturing course before, and liked the content and teaching style.

Course Importance

Helpful as an intermediate course if you want to pursue research in joining processes.

How strongly would I recommend this course?

If you are looking for a moderately chill course but also want to learn, go for it.

When to take this course?

I took this course in my 8th semester. 6th and 8th sem are recommended.

ME 636 Review By: Sankalp Aloné