ME6101 - Lattice Dynamics and Thermal Energy Transport

ME6101 - Lattice Dynamics and Thermal Energy Transport


Deepanshu Bansal


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Content wasn’t easy. It was meant to be for Masters students, hence some knowledge gap was noticeable in the lectures. Covering this gap required a bit of extra effort.
In some sections, it was difficult to understand what was the motivation behind the concept.

Time Commitment Required

Although no midsem and endsem, the quizes(6) took some time to prepare (4-5 hours each quiz). The assignments were time consuming (10 hours each) and preparing for the vivas also took quite some time.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Decent stats.

Attendance Policy

No attendance required, atleast in an online setting.


Basic coding(loops,numpy arrays) in any language, preferably python-helps you collaborate with others.
There is no coding test, its just required for assignments

Evaluation Scheme

No midsem/endsem

Best 5/6 (8% each) quizes
4 assignments (15% each)- each has a viva

Topics Covered in the Course

Lattice dynamics

ME 6101 Review By: Shardul Burde