ME420 - Cryogenic Engineering

ME420 - Cryogenic Engineering


Milind D Atrey


Spring 2020-21

Course Difficulty

Moderate, gets a bit rigorous towards the end

Time Commitment Required

About 3 hours/week apart from classes

Grading Policy and Statistics

Relative grading based on difficulty and class average
Grading statistics are normal and reasonable

Attendance Policy

Compulsory attendance (>80%). Had to be relaxed in online sem. The prof remembers names of students who are attending/ non-attending and calls them out


No prerequisites as such. Basic thermodynamics (cycles) and flair in control volume approach might assist.

Evaluation Scheme

2 quizzes, 10% each
1 course seminar presentation, 10%
Midsem 25%
Endsem 45%

Topics Covered in the Course

Gas liquifaction systems. Gas - separation and gas-purification systems. Cryogenic refrigeration systems. Gas-properties of materials of low temperatures. Ultra-low temperature techniques

Teaching Style

Live classes. Exhaustive slides. In-class problem solving is very important. Teaching is complete in every sense. The professor is very knowledgeable and explains everything extremely well.


The project(course seminar presentation) requires sincere efforts and is deeply scrutinised by the professor, but is a excellent learning opportunity.

Feedback on Exams

Exams are moderately difficult. Quizzes are on the easier with the 1st quiz somewhat memory based and basic concepts (discussed in class) based.

Motivation for taking this course

Interest in thermal and fluid engineering, thermodynamic cycles

How strongly would I recommend this course?

For those interested in TFE 8.5/10

When to take this course?

6th semester. I think this is the ideal time to take the course as it requires some basic knowledge of thermodynamics and has certain rigour which might not be dealt with very smoothly in the 4th semester

Other Remarks

Professor Atrey has been working in the cryogenics field since quite long and therefore has a lot of knowledge and experience. Adding to it, he is an excellent instructor. Being taught by him is a rewarding experience.

ME 420 Review By: Prasann Jaiswal