ME346 - Heat Transfer

ME346 - Heat Transfer


Ankit Jain




Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Not very difficult, but not easy either. Builds up on JEE level understanding of conduction, convection and radiation. The latter part of the course wants you to review your knowledge of fluid dynamics.

Time Commitment Required

4-5 hours per week apart from the usual lectures

Grading Policy and Statistics

Relative grading, not very generous but kept most people at or above 8.

Attendance Policy

No Attendance policy



Evaluation Scheme

Assignments, Inclass quizzes, Endsem

Topics Covered in the Course

Conduction, Convection and Radiation

Teaching Style

Online lectures, the professor used slides and a stylus to explain things. Expected the class to be interactive and seldom gave bonus points for answering non-trivial questions.


Lengthy Assignments with a fortnightly frequency. No project and tuts.

Feedback on Exams

Lengthy but easy exams given that one has a good grip on the content.

ME 346 Review By: Gagan Jain