ME316 - Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

ME316 - Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines


Sripriya Ramamoorthy




Spring 2020-21

Course Difficulty

Moderately Easy

Time Commitment Required

2-2.5 hours per week (apart from classes)

Grading Policy and Statistics

Relative grading. Policy not explicitly revealed. Grading statistics are decent but no. of AAs are a bit on the lower side.

Attendance Policy

No mandatory attendance. In-class graded tutorials once a fortnight.


Flair in JEE mechanics

Evaluation Scheme

Grading Policy: 10% graded tutorials (once in 14 days): Best of (n-2) or (n-1)
20% quizzes (once in 14 days): Best of (n-2) or (n-1)
30% Midsem
40% Endsem (Full syllabus)

Topics Covered in the Course

Particle Kinematics, Energetics, Mechanisms: types, analysis, kinematics & rigid body dynamics, Cam Follower, Gears, Geometric and analytical methods of solving kinematic/dynamic mechanics problems, Vibration analysis (one of more degrees of freedom), vibrations in a string

Teaching Style

Live lectures, teaching completely based on the slides. Slides are quite exhaustive. Teaching might seem somewhat monotonous (just explaining or sometimes reading out slides because the content is pretty much completely covered in them).


Frequency of graded tutorials is just right. Difficult to wrap up in the time limit though (lengthy).

Feedback on Exams

Quizzes are of moderate difficulty but time-taking (lengthy)
Midsem and endsem are on the easier side

Other Remarks

Being regular is the key to sail smoothly and get a very good grade in the course

ME 316 Review By: Prasann Jaiswal