ME306 - Applied Thermodynamics

ME306 - Applied Thermodynamics


Balahandra Puranik




Autumn ‘21

Course Difficulty

The content is interesting and yet easy to understand. It is possible to do well if you study one night before the quizzes. Relax, this is one of the “easy” ones. Professor is amazing, please attend if this course is offline.

Time Commitment Required

Below average compared to other courses

Grading Policy and Statistics

AA 26
AB 37
AP 3
BB 25
BC 25
CC 19
CD 13
DD 16
FF 2

Attendance Policy



ME 209

Evaluation Scheme

Best 5 out of 6 quizzes with 12% weightage
40% weightage for endsem

Topics Covered in the Course

Study of Rankine Cycle and Brayton Cycle
Compressible fluid flow. Sonic velocity. Isentropic flow. Normal shock.
Psychrometry. Basic properties, tables, charts. Psychrometric processes.
Coolers, refrigeration, cooling towers
Combustion. Fuels. Stoichiometry. Heat of reaction. Adiabatic flame temperatue.
Internal Combustion engines

Teaching Style

Lectures - I suggest watching these before quizzes if you have not attended them live

Feedback on Exams

All quizzes were quite easy with generous marking. End semester was significantly more challenging than the quizzes

ME 306 Review By: Abir Mehta