ME221 - Structural Materials

ME221 - Structural Materials


Amol Anant Gokhale




Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Not difficult at all. Lot of theory content. Few numerical type concepts

Time Commitment Required

Low but regular HWs are given

Grading Policy and Statistics

Grading was slightly below average. Not many AAs were given. Around 4-5 out of 60

Attendance Policy



Solid state from JEE will help in the initial part of the course

Evaluation Scheme

10% HWs = 0.5% * 20
10% each quizzes, 2 quizzes were taken
20% midsem
50% endsem (as offline endsem was expected, might change for offline)

Topics Covered in the Course

Internal structure of materials
Effects of different working - cold working, forging, etc
Faults in structure
Iron-Carbon diagram

Teaching Style

Live classes during class hours which were recorded. I felt the teaching was quite good. The prof has a slow-decent pace (perfect in 2x). Concepts were explained very cleary. Course contents were interesting even though theoretical.


Assignments are given after every lecture which are due in 1 week. Very small assignments with 4-5 ques which have answers within the slides. Very helpful to stay updated with the rest of the class. Help a lot for your preparation. Have 0.5% weightage each.

Feedback on Exams

Exams were moderate. Theory and numericals have equal weight. Correction was quite strict.

Course Importance

Introductory course for composites and basic metallurgy.

ME 221 Review By: A.Vikram