ME206 - Manufacturing Processes 1

ME206 - Manufacturing Processes 1


Ramesh K Singh




Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty

Course was easy to understand if paid attention in class. Slides were annotated which helped during exams. Professor put in efforts in explaining the concepts well which made the course easy to follow.

Time Commitment Required

3 hours per week for lectures + biweekly assignments with 10 days as deadline.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Weightages were given to quizzes(10%), assignment(10%), midsem(25%), endsem(35%) and project(20%). Grading statistics are as follows: 64% (39/62) of the class has a grade of AA or AB.

Attendance Policy

No attendance policy in online semester


Knowledge of the content of ME221 really helped understand the course better. As such there is no prerequisite

Topics Covered in the Course

Casting, Rolling, Forging, Extrusion, Drawing, Joining processes, Sheet metal forming

Feedback on Exams

All the exams were open book and were directly from slides and similar questions from tutorials for all quizzes, midsem and endsem.

Course Importance

Course is important for the people who want to go into manufacturing. It gives the width and depth to some extent to be able to judge personal interests. This course is also important as this is a predecessor to Man Pro 2.

ME 206 Review By: Priyam Vijayvargia