ME202 - Strength of Materials

ME202 - Strength of Materials


Salil Kulkarni




Spring ‘20

Course Difficulty

The course was a continuation of ME201 and so its difficulty was directly proportional to one’s expertise in ME201. For me, I found ME202 to be between easy and moderate.

Time Commitment Required

3 hours of lecture per week was mandatory + additional 1 hour per week to excel in the course

Grading Policy and Statistics

Weightages were given to tutorials, quizzes, midsem and endsem. Grade statistic are as follows:
AA 24
AB 36
BB 44
BC 37
CC 31
CD 6
DD 9
FF 1
II 8

Attendance Policy

No attendance policy in online semester



Topics Covered in the Course

Torsion, Bending, Combined loading, Deflections, Buckling, Energy methods

Teaching Style

Teaching style was good. The professor was keen on having in class discussions. Tutorial were kept in class hours and had to be submitted on the same day.

Feedback on Exams

Quizzes were fairly simple and based on tutorials
Midsem was moderate
Endsem was also moderate but time taking

References Used

Mechanics of Materials, Hibbeler

ME 202 Review By: Priyam Vijayvargia