IE501 - Optimization Models

IE501 - Optimization Models


Prof. Vishnu Narayanan


Autumn ‘19

Course Difficulty

Not very difficult. The concepts taught are fairly straightforward and the assignments are easy too. Can do decently in the exams by studying just before them.

Time Commitment Required

Just attending the classes should be more than enough. Otherwise might have to give about two or three hours per week for the assignments.

Grading Policy and Statistics

Evaluated on the basis of 3 assignments, Midsem, and Endsem. Stats are not very promising - Only 5 AAs out of 150.

Attendance Policy

No compulsory attendance. Only had to go to class to turn in the assignments.


Some knowledge of Linear Programming helps in the initial part of the course.

Evaluation Scheme

3 Assignments - 30%
Midsem - 30%
Endsem - 40%

Topics Covered in the Course

The course started with a brief introduction of Linear Programming, followed by concepts of Duality, methods of solving LPPs like Simplex. Then applications of LP in Knapsack problem, arbitrage detection were discussed rigorously.

Then some graph theory in the form of - shortest path problem, Djikstra’s algorithm, Max flow-min cut theorem, Hall’s theorem, Vertex coloring problem were quickly discussed. Some more optimization theory.

Teaching Style

It was Pre-covid era, so had 2 lectures per week. No attendance policy but no slides also. Prof encouraged discussion in classes.


Assignments were very easy. No tutorials were held as such.

Feedback on Exams

Exams (Midsem and Endsem) were open notes, although it didn’t matter. Questions required understanding of concepts. Fairly easy if you have understood the material.

Motivation for taking this course

Interesting topics.

How strongly would I recommend this course?


When to take this course?

3rd sem. 3rd sem itself - If you’re looking for a minor in IEOR better to finish this off quickly.

Other Remarks

The teaching was quite slow and the Prof had cancelled more than 2 classes as a result of which we could not complete everything that was planned for the course.

Cdeep -

IE 501 Review By: Harshad Ingole