EN606 - Energy Resources, Economics and Environment

EN606 - Energy Resources, Economics and Environment


Prof Rangan Banerjee


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty


Time Commitment Required


Grading Policy and Statistics

Relative grading. AA-11, AB-32, BB-38, BC-23, CC-9, CD-4, DD-3, FR-4

Attendance Policy

Not compulsory



Evaluation Scheme

10% quizzes, 10% assignments, 10% midsem, 30% Course project, 40% Endsem

Topics Covered in the Course

Instead of being just a theoretical course its very immersive and the instructor gets the student to not only learn theory but also apply it with real world data and problems. The quizzes are kept each week to ensure students to keep studying regularly; a group assignment is given where students have to analyses energy consumption and specialty of countries policies and present it with other countries assigned to students.
Group projects aims at analysing/solving some real world problem and depends a whole lot on what one learns. Course content can be somewhat described by:
-Overview of World Energy Scenario
-Energy Economics -
-Energy Chain, Primary energy analysis Life Cycle Assessment, Net Energy Analysis
-Environmental Impacts of energy use
-Emission factors and other impacts on environment.


Very helpful in nailing exams

When to take this course?

This course can be taken in any semester but will recommend taking in a lighter semester

EN 606 Review By: Kanishka Sunick