DE414 - Innovation by Design

DE414 - Innovation by Design


Battula K Chakravarthy


Autumn ‘20

Course Difficulty

Very chill course, but some sincere effort was needed in the final project submission.

Time Commitment Required

There was a very easy midsem exam for which a maximum of 4-5 hours were required. Apart from this the final project required some effort. But professor was very generous and gave everyone enough time after the endsems and also helped everyone a lot. So this course would hardly affect your other courses in the semester.

Grading Policy and Statistics

There wasn’t any well defined grading policy, but the stats were amazing.
277 people had registered for the course.
AA 176
AB 85
BB 7
BC 5
CC 4

Attendance Policy

No attendance policy as such, but sometimes there were bonus marks for attendance.


No prerequisites. No prior knowledge was required.

Evaluation Scheme

Approximately 70-80% weightage was given for project, 20-30% for the midsem and rest of the marks were for assignments/attendance(bonus)

Topics Covered in the Course

Real life examples of innovations in design making life of humans easier at various places. And the part which I didn’t find very interesting was some theory content related to sociology but that was not much relevant for the evaluation part of the course.

Teaching Style

Everything was conveyed through the CR and on webmail. Live lectures were taken on zoom.


There were 2 easy assignments that hardly required any effort.
But there was a team project that required a very sincere effort.

Feedback on Exams

Easy midsem.
No quizzes and endsem.

Motivation for taking this course

Wanted to try design, and this was one of the basic course + easy grading so went forward with this.

Course Importance

Very useful if you are interested in the field of design.

How strongly would I recommend this course?

If interested in the field of design then you can definitely go for this course. Otherwise people usually take it for amazing grading statistics.

When to take this course?

I took this course in my 5th semester. You can take this course in any semester as it wont be a burden on other courses.

DE 414 Review By: Hitansh Chandra