CS224 - Computer Networks

CS224 - Computer Networks


Varsha Apte


Autumn 2020

Course Difficulty

The instructor gave detailed notes and slides, and there were short videos available as well to understand topics. These were really helpful before the quizzes. The topics were interesting and logical, as well as some theoretical concepts as well. Moderate difficulty

Time Commitment Required

If you want to do well in the course attending classes,live interaction based, might be helful. Otherwise you could get by after studying from the notes and slides given on less to moderate time commitment

Grading Policy and Statistics


Attendance Policy

No attendance policy, but marks for class participation


NA, CS 101 basics for the coding assignment

Evaluation Scheme

6 Quizzes + 2 Assignments ( Best 4 + Best 1) accounting for 90 percent (15 each). Rest marks for class participation and related contents. Viva for the assignment
No midsem and no endsem
Properly proctored

Topics Covered in the Course

Can see site

Teaching Style

Mentioned above

How strongly would I recommend this course?


CS 224 Review By: Tanul Gupta